About Krusader

We are an extrodinary club filled with ordinary people. If youre having a great day we will bring you back down - if your having a bad day we will give you that lift. 


Membership has no joining fee or hidden costs. We pride ourselves on being the best value for money martial arts academy within a twenty mile radius.

Private tuition fees are as follows:
    - Juniors under the age of 14 years, 45 minutes £30
    - Over 14 years 60 minutes £40.
Monthly training membership is currently £40 per calendar month.

All of our instructors have current up to date professional indemnity insurance, first aid certificates and are all police checked.

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Krusader 2018

Thialand 2017

2017 was a great year for us, as not only did we win a southern area title, under the Iska banner. It was won by our very own Hadley peacock, who is just 9 years old. Our young street warriors are going from strength to strength, and I am sure we will have an English or British title this time in 2018.

This year we also gained Kru instructor level under the great Grand master Toddy and the MTIA, Muay Thai international association. This grade was also accredited by the government of Thailand.

As for myself, grand master Kru Keith Gray, I have achieved the ranks of 8th dan in kempo,5th dan in Shotokan, grand master with the world kickboxing association, and of course Kru instructor under the great master toddy.

We at Krusader believe that in order to advance and learn more skills, even as grand masters we have to invite champions to our gym as guests This is why in the past we have had the pleasure of training with Ramon the diamond dekkers , Ronnie Green, Lee Coville and Andy Thomson from Lanna Muay Thai, Leigh Edlin, and last but not least our very own Daniel mc Gowan.

Here at Krusader, we have a great system that allows us to help any new students get fast tracked straight to the top of there potential. We offer a private lesson with one of the grand masters, which will allow us to place each individual in to the best classes for the ability, and also help them achieve there unlimited goals. Whether they want to become a champion, a black belt, a Kru or are just interested in getting fit and having a shed load of confidence.

If you are interested in martial arts and want to get fit in an buzzing friendly environment, then look no further.
As most adverts say no time wasters please. Sawadee kup. Please call Keith on 07951014140, for any other information, look forward to helping you change your life for ever.

OSS Grand master Keith Gray

Thialand 2017


Our history

Training is my lifestyle choice, it is not my hobbie or a business but how I choose to live. 

I have trained with the best marital artists, the best people and learnt just as much about friendship and family as I have about martial arts. 

Without the influence of grand master Paul bowman I would not be where I am today, he saved me, so I try to give that back to others. 

Through martial arts I have seen so many countries, cultures and made many good friends along the way. 

Some of the best memories I have are at the DKI training camp, if you get the opportunity, GO- its a family away from home. 

There are so many styles of martial arts out there- why limit yourself to one? Explore, learn what's right for you and also what sort of person you want to be. 

Special thank you to ......

Grand Master Paul Bowman of Zendoruyu karate association
- the man that gave me a better life

Professor George Dillman of Dillman karate international
- the Daddy of us all

Professors Wally and Leon Jay of small circle jujitsu
- Awesome martial artists- no Egos. What everyone should aspire to be

Professor Remy Presas of Mordern Arnis
- a Martial arts magician

Ramon Dekkers, 8 times world Muay Thai champion
- A legend, a privilege to train with. 

Kru Andy Thomson of Lanna MuayThai
- such understated talent, a true gentleman.

Grand Master Borut Kincl of Kempo arnis federation
- a true warrior with a big heart

Master Gabbi Lammie of Kyusho Germany
- a great martial artist and the best looking man in the DKI, my friend and I miss him

Lee Coville
- a proper Thai boxing champion

A special thank you to Ben Corkish, Josh Palmer and Lee Edlin.  A Big thank you to my instructors Krusader wouldn't exist without you. 

GM Keith Gray


Our training

We teach a multiple of styles because you need to know what works for you and what doesn't.  Our primary concern is your safety both in and out of the club. With multiple clubs you can train almost every day of the week.

When you pay monthly you can train at any of the clubs for a £30 a flat fee.

We build confidence

Krusader is a family and as such we look after each other.  We train to get better and bring others with us.  We work hard and will push you past what you believe you can do.

By the time you leave the club you will be on a high you just cant get elsewhere.

What we do

With decades of fighting skills at our fingertips we provide fully rounded fighting system. We take what works from each style and put in a format relevant for today. Profiding self defence for the whole family everyone is welcome from 6 - 76.  You are always welcome at Krusader.

Milton Keynes

0795 1014140

Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays

Juniors 6pm till 7pm

Over 14 years 7pm till 8.30 pm

Sunday’s 10.30 am till 12 o’clock - All students

The Windmill Golf Course Bletchley MK3 7RB


07887 570193

Tuesday 6.00pm - 7.00pm (Kids)

Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Thursday 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Meppershall Village Hall Shefford Road Meppershall Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17


07887 570325

Saturday 10am - 12pm

Vauxhall Recreation Club Gipsy Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU1 3JH